Bidirectional Mosfet Switch Board
Bidirectional Mosfet Switch Board 

Bidirectional Mosfet Switch Board

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Introducing our Bidirectional MOSFET Switch, an advanced solution designed for high-frequency AC circuit experimentation. This switch is a sophisticated upgrade from the standard MOSFET Switch Board, incorporating dual MOSFETs in a common-source configuration. Here's why it's an essential tool for your experimental needs:

  • Bidirectional Current Blocking: Unlike a standard MOSFET that blocks current in only one direction, our Bidirectional Switch efficiently obstructs current flow in both directions when switched off. This is achieved through the back-to-back MOSFETs, eliminating the limitations imposed by the body diode of a single MOSFET.
  • Ultra-Fast Switching: The Bidirectional MOSFET Switch excels in applications requiring rapid switching. Its design allows for exceptionally fast operation, making it ideal for modifying the characteristics of tank circuits or for connecting/disconnecting components like inductors or capacitors swiftly.
  • Ideal for Resonance Circuits: Its ability to block current in both directions makes this switch indispensable in resonance circuits, where current flows alternately in opposite directions. The Bidirectional MOSFET Switch ensures seamless operation in such scenarios.
  • Robust Design: Like our standard MOSFET Switch Board, it features isolated gate drivers with an independent power supply via an onboard DC-DC converter. This allows the switch to handle potential differences of up to 2300V between the MOSFET and the signal source.
  • High-Side or Low-Side Switching: The board's design allows for both high-side and low-side switching, offering you flexibility in application.
  • User-Friendly Configuration: Featuring screw terminals rated for high current and AWG 10 wire, the switch allows for easy and secure connections. Moreover, the MOSFETs on the board are designed for effortless replacement by the user.
  • Maximum Switching Speed: While the maximum switching speed largely depends on the gate capacitance of the MOSFET, the board supports frequencies of at least 1 MHz. With the selectable G3R160MT12D MOSFET, the board can handle switching speeds of more than 3MHz!
  • BNC Connection for Ease: Equipped with a BNC connector, the board allows for easy and secure connection to signal generators, ensuring compatibility and convenience.
  • Input Signal Compatibility: The switch is optimized for a square wave signal between 0 and 5V into 50ohm, with a clear warning against negative voltage to protect the gate driver.

Whether you're modifying tank circuits or engaging in other high-frequency AC circuit experimentation, this switch is engineered to deliver reliability and precision in every application.

Technical Specification:

Input Voltage 12 V
Input Signal 0 - 5 V Square Wave
Output Gate Voltage (Vgs) -4 / 15 V
Max DC Isolation Voltage 2300 V
Max Transient Isolation Voltage 5600 V
Max Switching Speed 1 MHz (conservatively)
Max Load Current 30 A
Rise Time Typ. 50 ns
Fall Time Typ. 50 ns
Power Usage @ IDLE 0.2 W
Power Usage @ Max Switching Speed 5 W

Datasheets for the selectable MOSFETs can be found here: SiHG14N50D - G3R160MT12D - SCTW40N120G2V - MSC035SMA170B

This product includes two heat sinks for TO247-sized MOSFETs and a BNC to hookup wire adapter for easy connection to a Microcontroller Unit (MCU).

If you don’t have a signal generator and/or power supply, we recommend the following entry-level products that can be used together with this board: FY6900-20M and DPS605U. These both give you great flexibility for doing experiments at an unbeatable price.

Input voltage 12 V
Input signal 0 - 5 V Square Wave
Max DC isolation voltage 2300 V
Max transient isolation voltage 5600 V
Max frequency 1 MHz (conservatively)
Output gate voltage (Vgs) -4 / 15 V
Power usage @ IDLE 0.2 W
Power usage @ max frequency 5 W
Rise time Typ. 50 ns
Fall time Typ. 50 ns
Max load current 30 A
Juha Nykänen 14/02/2024

Absolutely beautiful and perfect switch for my application. It's impeccably crafted and operates with remarkable precision. Devrima provided exceptional support, promptly addressing any queries I had. The shipping was swift, and the packaging exuded professionalism. I highly recommend this item to anyone who values finely crafted, high-quality devices. Rating: 11+/10

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