Mosfet Switch Board
Mosfet Switch Board 

Mosfet Switch Board

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Unlock unparalleled versatility in your circuit designs with our MOSFET Switch Board. This innovative board allows for the seamless integration of a MOSFET into any part of a circuit, regardless of potential differences between the MOSFET and the signal source. Here's how it elevates your circuitry game:

  • Ultra-Fast Switching: With switching speeds down towards 30 ns, depending on the MOSFET's gate capacitance, it's perfect for generating sharp impulses, especially when an inductor is series connected with the MOSFET.
  • Isolated Gate Driver: Equipped with an isolated gate driver, the board maintains its power supply independently through an onboard DC-DC converter. This feature enables you to use a standard function generator and a 12V DC power supply on the input, while the MOSFET can be placed at up to 2300V potential difference from the signal source and power supply.
  • High-Side or Low-Side Switching: The board's design allows for both high-side and low-side switching, offering you flexibility in application.
  • Impedance Matching: The board includes a selectable 50-ohm termination resistor on the input, ensuring impedance matching to a 50-ohm signal system.
  • MOSFET Flexibility: The onboard MOSFET can be effortlessly swapped out, and the drain/source terminals come with sturdy screw terminals, rated for high current and AWG 10 wire.
  • Maximum Switching Speed: While the maximum switching speed largely depends on the gate capacitance of the MOSFET, the board supports frequencies of at least 1 MHz. With the selectable SCTW40N120G2V and G3R160MT12D MOSFET, the board can handle switching speeds of more than 3MHz!
  • Power Requirements: Operate it easily with a 12V battery or an adjustable power supply. The input voltage should be 12V, and the board is equipped with reverse polarity protection for added convenience.
  • BNC Connection for Ease: Equipped with a BNC connector, the board allows for easy and secure connection to signal generators, ensuring compatibility and convenience.
  • Input Signal Specifications: Designed for a square wave signal ranging between 0 and 5V into 50ohm. Note: Avoid negative voltage on the input signal to prevent damage to the gate driver.

Our MOSFET Switch Board is an essential tool for advanced applications in resonance circuits and various other high-voltage projects. With its combination of fast switching, flexible connectivity, and built-in protection mechanisms, it’s engineered to elevate your projects with precision and safety.

Technical Specification:

Input Voltage 12 V
Input Signal 0 - 5 V Square Wave
Output Gate Voltage (Vgs) -4 / 15 V
Max DC Isolation Voltage 2300 V
Max Transient Isolation Voltage 5600 V
Max Switching Speed 1 MHz (conservatively)
Max Load Current 30 A
Rise Time Typ. 40 ns
Fall Time Typ. 40 ns
Power Usage @ IDLE 0.2 W
Power Usage @ Max Switching Speed 5 W

Datasheets for the selectable MOSFETs can be found here: SiHG14N50D - G3R160MT12D - SCTW40N120G2V - MSC035SMA170B

Standard MOSFETs block current in only one direction due to the body diode's reverse conduction. For AC applications requiring bidirectional current blocking, our Bidirectional MOSFET Switch is the ideal solution.

This product includes a heat sink for TO247-sized MOSFETs and a BNC to hookup wire adapter for easy connection to a Microcontroller Unit (MCU).

If you don’t have a signal generator and/or power supply, we recommend the following entry-level products that can be used together with this board: FY6900-20M and DPS605U. These both give you great flexibility for doing experiments at an unbeatable price.

Input voltage 12 V
Input signal 0 - 5 V Square Wave
Max DC isolation voltage 2300 V
Max transient isolation voltage 5600 V
Max frequency 1 MHz (conservatively)
Output gate voltage (Vgs) -4 / 15 V
Power usage @ IDLE 0.2 W
Power usage @ max frequency 5 W
Rise time Typ. 40 ns
Fall time Typ. 40 ns
Max load current 30 A
bruno vk 20/02/2024

I have used the driver for many experiments and I like using it.
I'm not a specialist in electronics, just a hobbyist who needs fast as possible mosfet switching in low and high voltage switching
- The fact that all the necessary components are on the same pcb makes it a lot easier to build up things, it limits the amount of wires around the experimental setup.
- The screw connector for the mosfet is a very nice touch, it saves a lot of trouble if something has gone wrong while experimenting.
Due to the fact that soldering is not necessary the pcb will last much longer.
- The BNC connection to signal generator, again simplifying the experimental setup with not to many loose wires
- The supports on the corners keeping the pcb separated from table preventing shortcuts and if setup becomes more permanent, it's easy to mount it.

I'm after fast switching as possible and that worked fine with this pcb.
Normally a review also includes negative points but I don't have one.

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