About Us


Welcome to High Voltage Experimental. We are a specialized company based in Norway (Registration Number: 911 596 814), dedicated to developing research equipment for high-voltage and high-frequency applications.

Our Focus

Our primary focus is on creating equipment and building blocks that enable precise control of frequency and switching at high voltage levels. We cater to a wide range of experimental and technological needs, providing tools that are essential in various research and development settings.

Innovative Solutions

We strive to innovate in our field, understanding the complexities involved in high-voltage experimentation. Our products are designed to allow seamless integration with function generators, emphasizing complete signal isolation to address the challenge of voltage level differences between signal and circuit sides.

Commitment to Quality

In our pursuit of providing reliable and efficient solutions, we use only high-quality components. This commitment ensures that our products not only meet but exceed durability and performance expectations.

Our Approach

As a small company, we value close interactions with our clients, offering tailored support and guidance. We are dedicated to understanding and meeting your specific needs in high-voltage experimentation.

Partners in Research and Technology

At High Voltage Experimental, we see ourselves as partners in your research and technological endeavors. We aim to provide tools that aid in your explorations and discoveries.

Get in Touch

For more information about our products or to discuss your specific requirements, please feel free to contact us.