High Voltage Generator (30kV DC)
High Voltage Generator (30kV DC)  High Voltage Generator (30kV DC)  High Voltage Generator (30kV DC)  High Voltage Generator (30kV DC) 

High Voltage Generator (30kV DC)

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Discover the realm of advanced electrical experimentation with our new HVGD-30 high voltage generator. Taking a significant leap from the 10kV model, this generator is designed to handle an impressive 30kv DC output, adjustable to suit a wide range of high-intensity experimental needs. With a robust 300W output and a current capacity of up to 10mA, it's perfectly equipped for challenging high-voltage tasks.

Crafted for both performance and safety, the generator includes a built-in fan for efficient thermal management, ensuring it stays cool even during extended use. It's specifically engineered to produce both positive and negative voltages, enhancing the flexibility of your experimental setups. Unique to this model is an adjustable protection feature that automatically cuts power in case of spark-over – a crucial safety element that can be disabled for experiments where spark generation is key.

Equipped with a user-friendly front-facing on/off switch, this generator streamlines operations for a range of high-voltage applications. It's adept at charging high voltage capacitors and creating intense sparks, making it an excellent choice for electrostatic experiments. Additionally, its reliable performance is well-suited for studies involving static electricity, offering versatility for various scientific explorations and high voltage processes.

Like our 10kV model, the 30kV generator is delivered without a wall socket plug, providing you the flexibility to fit an appropriate adapter for your local standards or to integrate it into your existing lab power setup.

Technical Specification:

Input Voltage 110 V / 180 - 250 V AC
Output Voltage ± 3 - 30 kV DC
Output Current 0 - 10 mA DC
Max Output Power 300 W
Input Cable Length 25 cm
Output Cable Length 60 cm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 240x120x75 mm
Input voltage 110 V / 180 - 250 V AC
Output voltage ± 3 - 30 kV DC
Output current 0 - 10 mA DC
Max output power 300 W
Input cable length 25 cm
Output cable length 60 cm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 240x120x75 mm

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