Half-Bridge Amplifier (80V - 8A)
Half-Bridge Amplifier (80V - 8A)  Half-Bridge Amplifier (80V - 8A) 

Half-Bridge Amplifier (80V - 8A)

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Introducing our robust Half-Bridge Amplifier, engineered for precision and safety in high-voltage and plasma experimentation. Pair it with one of our AC or DC flyback transformers to reach voltage levels up towards 30kv, all while maintaining unprecedented control over frequency and current. With a maximum rating of 80V and 8A input, this amplifier is designed to cater to a wide range of experimental needs:

  • Ultra-Fast, High-Voltage MOSFETs: Incorporated with two ultra-fast and high-voltage MOSFETs, the amplifier provides sharp and precise switching, crucial for accurate experimental outcomes.
  • Low Internal Resistance: The amplifier's low internal resistance enables the generation of sharp, high-voltage impulses, especially when used with a step-up transformer like a flyback.
  • Advanced Protection Mechanisms: It comes with multiple built-in protection mechanisms, including fuse and reverse polarity protection, safeguarding the board from high-voltage risks and potential damages.
  • Direct Function Generator Connectivity: Equipped with a BNC connector, this amplifier allows you to connect your function generator directly, providing ease of use and versatility in application.
  • Fully Isolated Input: The input is completely isolated from the rest of the circuit, offering enhanced safety in high-voltage environments.
  • Selectable 50-Ohm Impedance Match: Features a selectable 50-ohm impedance match resistor, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance with various signal generators.
  • Magnetic Field Measurement Output: A unique feature of this board is its separate output for connecting to an oscilloscope, enabling measurement of the magnetic field in the transformer during operation. This can be achieved by winding 4 turns of wire on the primary side of the transformer and connecting it to the board's measuring port.
  • Immediate Shutdown Feature: The amplifier is equipped with a dedicated shutdown input, compatible with MCU output signals (5V), enabling programmable and instant shutdown. This feature allows for rapid response in your experiments, turning off both MOSFETs immediately when activated, which is essential for certain scenarios and adds an extra layer of control and safety.

Our Half-Bridge Amplifier is a versatile tool offering comprehensive control over frequency and duty cycle. This makes it a more flexible option than traditional Neon Sign Transformers (NST) for high-voltage and plasma experimentation, putting the power of precision in your hands.

Technical Specification:

Input Voltage 20 - 80 V
Max Input Current 8 A
Input Signal 0 - 5 V Square Wave
Max DC Isolation Voltage 2300 V
Max Switching Speed 500 kHz
Max Output Voltage Input Voltage / 2
Max Output Power 640 W
Power Usage @ IDLE 0.4 W

Please note: The flyback transformers available on our site are rated for a maximum input power of 300W. As such, it's not feasible to operate this amplifier at its maximum power rating using these transformers. The actual output power achievable through this amplifier largely depends on the transformer's impedance at the specified frequency. Detailed information on this aspect can be found in the included instructions.

This product includes a BNC to hookup wire adapter for easy connection to a Microcontroller Unit (MCU).

If you don’t have a signal generator and/or power supply, we recommend the following entry-level products that can be used together with this board: FY6900-20M and DPS605U. These both give you great flexibility for doing experiments at an unbeatable price.

Input voltage 20 - 80 V
Input signal 0 - 5 V Square Wave
Max input current 8 A
Max DC isolation voltage 2300 V
Max frequency 500 kHz
Max output voltage Input Voltage / 2
Max output power 640 W
Power usage @ IDLE 0.4 W
Lars Thomsen 11/05/2024

Worked right out of the box after connecting MOSFETS, wires which is described in a very easy to follow manual. Very happy with the performance

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